Mississippi Suite

If we were ever to rename this room, which we won’t, but if we did, we’d consider calling it the “Woodshedder’s Palace,” it’s such a perfect place to get into a creative pocket. Whether you’re a musician, a writer, an artist, something else, or none of the above, the Mississippi simply FEELS like a place where you could slip into a trance and come out the other side with a masterpiece. Maybe it’s the photos of musicians covering every surface? Maybe it’s the balcony just outside the door? Maybe it’s the soft bed that’s tucked away in the rear? Whatever it is, there’s something about this room that says, “Bring the tool of your choice--or just bring yourself--and make something grand within my walls.” Just don’t bring bagpipes.

Amenities: High-speed Internet, cable television, tablet-controlled Sonos sound system with Spotify, safe, mini refrigerator, Nespresso coffee machine, two drink tokens upon check-in.

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