R Bar

1431 Royal St
New Orleans, LA 70116
(504) 948-7499

Mon. - Thurs. | 3pm to 3am
Fri. | 3pm to 5am
Sat. | Noon to 5am
Sun. | Noon to 3am

Beer and Cocktail List

R Bar

The anchor of our business, the R Bar is “just a bar” in the same way that New Orleans is “just a city.” In other words, so much more.

It’s a community center with $2 High Lifes, a secular church of lackadaisical good times. Open every day from 3 (noon on the weekends) in the afternoon until whenever, things begin to percolate immediately when our double doors swing wide: you can while away the hours here drinking with friends and making your way through our vast selection of beers or our extensive cocktail menu; you can drop some money into our ever-changing jukebox and kick out the jams; you can pet a friendly bar dog; on Monday evenings you can get a haircut and a shot ($10, please tip your bartender and barber); on Fridays you can partake in seasonal crawfish and shrimp boils, jambalaya cookouts, and more (free to patrons, please tip the chef); and other days...well, there’s always something going on around here. Guaranteed.